SSRS cascading report parameters using MDX queries

SSRS report parameters cascading is a regular usability requirement. In this tutorial, I will demonstrate how to proceed using MDX queries. The background to this is, that the default queries generated by the SSRS wizards are far below the standard we wish to deliver. Let’s dive in using the famous Multidimensional AdventureWorks DW OLAP Project.

Lets start by creating a Dataset for the first parameter in the cascade. Start in the Dataset Query designer as shown below.


The MDX query I used is like this:

MEMBER [Measures].[ParCaption] AS [Product].[Category].CURRENTMEMBER.MEMBER_CAPTION
MEMBER [Measures].[ParValue] AS [Product].[Category].CURRENTMEMBER.UNIQUENAME

{[Measures].[ParCaption], [Measures].[ParValue]} ON COLUMNS,
[Product].[Category].ALLMEMBERS ON ROWS
FROM [Adventure Works]

Next step is actually creating these report parameters, the first Parameter P_ProductCategory should be set like this:



The second parameter needs to be created exactly the same way once you prepare its Dataset as described in the next step.

Continue by creating another SSRS Dataset used for the second parameter P_ProductSubcategory in the cascade. This parameter value gets calculated on the fly as you pick the first parameter value.

MEMBER [Measures].[ParCaption] AS [Product].[Subcategory].CURRENTMEMBER.NAME
MEMBER [Measures].[ParValue] AS [Product].[Subcategory].CURRENTMEMBER.UNIQUENAME

{[Measures].[ParCaption], [Measures].[ParValue]} ON COLUMNS,
[Product].[Subcategory].[Subcategory] ON ROWS
FROM [Adventure Works]
WHERE STRTOSET(@P_ProductCategory)

Notice the STRTOSET function. In case we would look for a boolean value, we could use STRTOMEMBER instead. In case we would look for multiple parameters, you would write WHERE ( STRTOSET(@P_ProductCategory), STRTOMEMBER(@ProductBooleanParameter) )

To make this work, we need to set the parameters of the second Dataset like this:


Notice you might run into an error (actually a VS bug) when writing the MDX query related to the Dataset in the query editor saying  “The query contains the XXXXXName parameter, which is not declared.” In that case, review the forum here but the solution is rather quick. Spoiler: Look for the Query Parameters icon in the top menu ( highlighted in orange box in the Query designer printscreen in the first screenshot from above) and set your parameters for the first time manually with some default value as well, that should make things work here.

Next step is creating the result dataset for the SSRS Report matrix. The query I used is trivial and is set like this:

[Product].[Product].[Product]) ON ROWS,
[Measures].[Order Count] ON COLUMNS
SELECT (STRTOSET(@P_Product_Category), STRTOSET(@P_Product_Subcategory)) ON COLUMNS
FROM [Adventure Works]

Notice here, that in MDX you cannot use the same dimension hierarchy more then once, so you cannot use it in the SELECT and WHERE at the same time. This is the reason I decided to go for a Sub-Select, but there are many other options you can easily find on the internet. And here you go, after choosing Bikes and Clothing in the Product Category Parameter, you get only the relevant Product Subcategories, below are few screenshots of the simple SSRS Report: